Roadmaster Trucking, Virtual Reality Training Simulators Could Help Ease Driver Shortage

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Roadmaster Trucking, Virtual Reality Training Simulators Could Help Ease Driver Shortage-Simulation does not replace that part of the process that needs to do what drives the forklift truck, “says Kearney,” but there are many things you can not do with a truck that is better in virtual reality. ”

Kearney is a legend in driver training. More than 25 years ago, he founded the Schoolmaster Drivers School, which he sold to Werner Enterprises in 2015. Already in the early years, he followed the development of training and the profile of future pilots over the years.

He saw the shortage of freight transport drivers only by deteriorating staff turnover and hard work. It mentions an American carriers’ research that enables the industry to train and employ the next 900,000 new carriers over the next decade to keep drivers on the right track.

Roadmaster Trucking

The compression should only get worse. Even drivers are missing and the shipment explodes with increasing e-commerce. This is bad for transport companies, but also for customers who are able to pay higher transport costs for a wide range of products, Kearney said.

Ten years ago, Kearney started another development training modulator. His thoughts were: Simulator training is common to pilots, why not a truck driver? He was on the way to selling ATS, but after becoming Sales Director of Roadmaster he joined as the company’s CEO.

Different types of simulators have existed for many years, but adaptation to the vehicle has always been a major technical challenge. In particular, ATS engineers and designers have been working closely with scientists over the last five years to develop virtual reality that is so loyal that it gives the impression of a large platform.

The result is a TransMaster simulator. The device does not use VR glass, but places the scientist in the chair at the front and at each side of the high quality video display, reflecting the driver’s vision in the taxi. The gear lever, pedals and steering wheel produce feedback and tension due to the truck’s operation.

“You really feel like a truck,” Kearney said. “It’s better than starting a book, and beginners usually have events that would cost a lot of money and you do not have an accident in the simulator.”

The system also offers options such as the addition of rain, snow or ice to simulate well certain road conditions that are unlikely to be used in the real world. “If you drive to the right truck and try ice cream, it’s possible that the accident will happen,” Kearney said.

“But you need the ice experience because you learn to drive or not,” he said. “I can give you the chance to learn exactly what you learn when riding on the ice.”

After developing the system, ATS means competition on different fronts. UPS companies have developed VR training with a Viva helmet. However, this is part of the week for new employees instead of a complete education system. To this end, the movement of the VR movement in Oregon has developed an eyeglass simulator. L3 Technologies also sells a driving simulator.

One of the biggest challenges, however, is the idea of ​​a freight transport sector that can be still conservative and traditional, says Kearney.”It’s a tough road, because it’s a new type of product, and most have not been used,” he said. “But first, young people in the field will appreciate this experience immediately.””And old people go fast when they go there and try it,” he said. “Our goal is just to try.”

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