Rent A Lift Truck, Ford Brings Seven Wild F-Series Pickup Truck Concepts to SEMA

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Rent A Lift Truck, Ford Brings Seven Wild F-Series Pickup Truck Concepts to SEMA-

Regardless of whether you want to drive on the road, coarse performance, or even feed (fixed), Ford offers each of the seven F-Pick conceptual pickup models each with its own brand. This is a general idea of ​​what you can expect during Las Vegas SEMA 2018 Ford Semester.
Kurt Busch Customs and ZB-150 F Flexible Cottage Sportana Lariat The Lariat F-150 is usually an average truck. This is nothing less. Under the lid, a 5.0 liter V-8 equipped with two On3 turbines that adds power to 1000. On the inside, the engine was changed at IS and Ford power to transfer power to 10 gears.

Customs gave them, for example, a large 4.5 cm crown, custom buffers and barbecue. The interior is decorated with leather seats, armrests and steering wheel. DezignWorks commissioned Axalto Electron Blue and the carbon spoiler and separators to complete the truck.

Description The Ford truck does not describe the importance of Kurt Busch connections but its name is … for some reason.

SpeedKore F-150 XLT Pro-Tuning Edition This is probably the most common truck traffic at birth. F-150 XLT rear wheel drive, cockpit, short wheel and rear wheel drive with hot filling boom. The 5.0-liter V8 engine is equipped with a flywheel, cold seam and exhaust pipe, all thanks to Ford’s performance and Maxtrac thanks to the down-spring suspension crown and Brembo brakes, with eight piston rods. The car rolled 22-inch HRE wheels TR106 one-piece wrapping Pirelli Scorpion tires.

SpeedKore light gives this surface dirty carbon debris, back, exhaust, and interior. Speaking of interior design, Gabe Custom Interiors gave this truck a new “European” leather trim. With PPG’s standard gray color, this car keeps a separate profile when it expands. Manic-ON-pulse. Hey, we do not call it. This phenomenon was originally the Sports F-150 XLT Ecoboost V6’s 3.5-liter and port upgrade turbocharger intercoolers and extra exhaust and cold air in all races. The truck attracts attention with bold orange and blue, wings and push with Fiberwerx, Rogue Racing Enforcer, Maxxis RAZR MT and with its own lighting.

Move Current F-150 Lariat Sports We do not blame you for the F-150 Raptor, but it’s really a Supercrew Lariat 4×4 Sport with a variety of settings flow. This is an adventurous SUV for the whole family powered by a 3.0-liter D6 engine equipped with an improved exhaust pipe Tuple. It is equipped with an off-road body with compact Comp Pro Stage 6 2 and Pro Comp tires and rubber, making it suitable for any terrain.

Custom buffers and roof rails made of Fab furnace and transport stream, mixed into a 50 liter fuel tank and auxiliary cassette at a transfer rate of 40 liters. It is also screen projection when you reach the goal when the stars are not high.

The Extang F-350 Super Duty Lariat just twice on the list is this Extang Truck Bed Cover for the F-350 Super Duty Custom in co-operation with students such explains much. This is the best forklift truck with refrigerator, grill and large OLED sound system. Who needs a stadium for this?

These are not the only way. These include Ford Power Emptying and ARFE Speed ​​Shop Mounting, Controlling Air Conditioners, Wheel Thinner DX10 Strips and Of course Very Good Hard Case Hard Case

Collective Desert F-250 Super Duty XL4 FX4

The Lariat Super Duty 4×4 F-250 is already a good tool for doing business, but DeBerti Design has taken it over and over again. This “pusher with a transformer” adds a double turbocharger to the 6.7-liter V-8 diesel engine, air cooled, EGR series, cold air inlet and fuel hose. Ford Escape performance up to 900.

Other changes include Eibach Springs, Fox shock absorbers, Hellwig airbags and Beadlock Ultra Wheel tires with 37-inch BFGoodrich KR2 tires. Outside the transformer has a custom mount, reflective tank, special aluminum mesh and RIGID lighting. Unique design ensures that you feel comfortable with every possible action.

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