Old Dominion Trucking Pay Scale, Old Dominion Team Drivers


Old Dominion Trucking Pay Scale – My other half and also I have helped this company nearly 5 years now. It takes 2 years to reach the top pay scale which is.6233 cpm – we bring home $1200 each after tax obligations, 401k, clinical etc. We run 6000 miles a week, gone 5 days, residence 2. Weekly.

You need increases and hazmat, and an excellent record. They don’t put up with hazardous motorists. The turnover is less than 10 percent. I’ve never seen them promote for vehicle drivers.

Significant terminals have fuel, ranges, showers – we go down as well as hook, fuel and range as well as are gone in concerning an hour. If there is no freight you get a paid motel and paid $7.50/ hr each. 5 complimentary firm attires supplied, after that $100 allowance each year. Failure dealt with by 3rd party, simply call the number and wait – also paid at $7.50/ hr each. Annual pay boost, 2011 was 1.9 cpm. Suit on 401K, 6% they match 3%. Yearly optional match to 401k.

No animal, no biker. Fundamental vehicles, however often changed. Elogs, (BLU), no paperwork, systems are checked in the gates and immediately sènt to pay-roll. 65mph trucks. Safety and security benefit gets greater on consecutive years, we get on $450, following year $500(each).

This will certainly be our last driving job. We will be debt cost-free mid 2013 thanks to them (2 leasings, our residence and also 2 lorries), so the spouse could retire as well as I could go regional. Hire here if you like driving, look in other places if you take pleasure in truck quits and also filling anchors.

Old Dominion Trucking Pay Scale

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